Inspiration. Intellect and creativity, that brings in the excitement to experiment, influence and invent.

The stimulus of change, the ingenuity of an idea, the revelation of the truth, insight the entrepreneurial spirit to develop innovative, revolutionary concepts that possess the ability to act as a catalyst to bring to reality the daring, unique concepts within the individual.

As simple or as complex the paragraph above may seem, inspiration is a subjective matter that is difficult to communicate and measure. Many-a-times individuals give up on the inspiration and start to pursue things that would provide them food for the next day. However, approaching a mentor and learning from the wisdom, knowledge and skills they have to offer, is a great way to pursue dreams and develop on your inhibitions.electricity-313719_640

At Crisp Social Ventures, we have a strong team of Alumni with knowledge and skills in varying fields; from aeronautics to shipping, marketing to finance, research to manufacturing and engineering to energy. Aimed at mentoring and incubating social entrepreneurs/ startups in India, CSVI is an initiative supported by the British High Commission, the UK Business Council and others.

The key feature of a Mentorship activity is the ability to guide, influence, direct and support the ideas, interests and resources of the individuals, thereby creating a channel of thought in the direction of progress and development. However, at CSVI, we

Besides the imparting of knowledge and skills, CSVI follows strict protocol in membership, which is at present only restricted to the Chevening Alumni. Backed by influential institutions and committees, CSVI strives towards identifying, supporting and structuring a startup idea into a prosperous growth plan.

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