A recent trip up North in the Himalayas, developed a new found admiration in me towards nature’s glory.

The majestic mountains, the scenic landscapes, the deep valleys and glaciers are part of the exotic imagery you experience when 8000 metres above sea level. The quietude and contentment just sitting by the river studying the rhythm of the flow and patterns made by the river along the rocks can be the most calming encounter to be witness to.IMAG1523

Yet, beneath all the inspiration, calm and exalted representation of nature’s magnificence, lies a frenzy capable of vanquishing continents!

We were lucky to get a hold of a friendly local while we nervously prepped to go river-rafting in Kullu. The entire region would soon be inaccessible when monsoon hits, exclaimed the local, and the same river famous for its adventure sports, Beas would rise several feet that one would be able to touch the over head wires!

What was notable however, was although several feet up in the mountains, cell phone signals were to the maximum and Wi-Fi in every hotel and restaurant.

We often wonder what life must be like way up in the hills, but from my experience, you could thrive there with advancement like this!



PowerHouse, a project supported by Crisp Social Ventures India wants to achieve that kind of implementation of sustainable resource in the villages of India. It has developed a concept of sustainable homes which would run of renewable energy, able to generate excess power which once sold back to the grid will provide savings to the occupants.


Watch the Introduction to PowerHouse here.



Still at the EOI stage, interested parties are welcome to apply to participate and support the initiative.

Digital India, a campaign initiated by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi  aims at achieving empowerment of individuals through technology. Working on similar lines, PowerHouse as a concept integrates the need for a collaboration of technology and human skill to develop and accelerate the importance of technology in India.

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