Ex- President APJ Abdul Kalam. A powerful personality, an intelligent gentlemen and a dignified and humble human being, passed away on 27th July, 2015.

His death saw many acknowledging his contribution towards ISRO and the Indian government during his tenure as its 11th President. Besides his academic achievements, Dr. Kalam was a warm-hearted, tender and considerate individual. He went out of his way to greet children and deliver inspiring lectures to them of encouragement, power and determination.

An influential leader to the youth and a motivating scientist, you will find many sharing their stories of their encounters with this great man.

Around a decade ago, while I was still in school, we were asked to conduct a research on a powerful dignitary for an English Language project.  I had narrowed in on Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who also happened to be the President at the time. During the research, I gathered significant detailed insights into his work and his personality.

On the day of the project, we were asked to present the material as an Interview, in which, we were to ask the dignitary questions, to which the answers were to be provided based on the research. One of my most commendable projects at school, my interview with the President, was well appreciated by my professor. His statements, his dedication and sophistication made the project more of fun than a challenge. After hearing the news of his demise, I went back and pulled out the same project, and now truly understood what an inspiration he has been to so many little children who are so naïve, hoping to grow up into honest, business people and entrepreneurs of India.

Children, the only weakness of Dr. Kalam, comprise of around 400 million of the Indian population. However, 79% of these are anemic and at least 47 out of a 1000 children do not complete their first year of life. The condition in the rural areas is more  bleak than what has been reported. Children are suffering, women are deprived of basic lifestyle necessities, and superstition, unemployment and lack of awareness prevail.

Dr. Kalam would also talk about rural development and youth empowerment at several of his speeches, encouraging the educated Indians to act in support of environment conservation. His final speech which he was to deliver at IIM, Shillong was about developing a course of action to make the earth livable and India an economically developed nation.

“Don’t Declare Holiday On My Death, Instead Work An Extra Day, If You Love Me” , said Dr. Kalam . Honoring his statement, Team CSVI appeals to all the educated Indians, to support rural development and spread the word about the PowerHouse EOI, which could help India develop sustainable homes and rid it of its housing shortage.  Kalam’s close aide, Srijan Pal Singh had said that Dr. Kalam’s only regret was not being able to provide facilities like 24-hour electricity to his parents during their lifetime. Let’s help fulfill this dying wish and understand the concept of renewable energy, its implementation and use, more now than it ever has been.


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