Who is Powerhouse for?

If you have a plot of land to call yours or a plot of land that you have on lease, and wish to have a small house there, you can get Powerhouse for a hassle free experience of owning a house. It can be your first home, if not your second or third. Powerhouse homes are ready-to-move-in.

Powerhouse also works well as a weekend home, and suited well for resort owners and individual owners.

How do i get started?

A limited batch of 30 units will be sold, starting from September 2019, in Western Maharashtra and Southern Gujarat. Fill in the form in the ‘Apply now’ section. Once we receive your information, we will guide you with the hassle free process of owning a Powerhouse.

Are the homes sturdy?

Powerhouse is built for durability, and use steel framework for safety. Cladding materials come with 15 years manufacturer warranty. The house comes with a free 1-year maintenance contract. One can sign up for subsequent annual maintenance contract, although the homes are designed and built for near zero maintenance.

Affordable homes: Powerhouse is manufactured in controlled environments, our costs are competitive due to near zero wastage and savings on consultant and liaison costs.

Can I modify designs?

Powerhouse is built on a standardisation platform to optimize on cost and quality. Currently Powerhouse offers add-on decor services, but not changes in the layout or the finishes. Secondly there are two models of Powerhouse, a basic model and a deluxe model, with certain add-ons on the deluxe model.

What would a homeowner need to provide on the plot of land?

On the plot of land (rented or owned by you) you would need to provide all utility hookups underneath each unit and ready to be connected once your Powerhouse is on site. What you will need:

  • Water 3/4″ line (this will need to run underneath the area where Powerhouse will be placed)
  • Sewer connection 3″ line (this will need to run underneath the area where Powerhouse will be placed)

What is the payment structure?

Unlike other purchases in life, we offer a lower price for faster delivery. For example, the base model is available for 12 lacs, and delivered within 1-month, if 80% payment is completed within 3 weeks. However the same version will cost marginally higher if a customer desires a slightly longer delivery period.

Here is the payment structure: Booking amount: Rs. 10,000.00 | Advance: 50% | When ready for shipment: 30% | Upon delivery and installation: 20%

What about finance?

While we do not offer financing, buyers can get financing from others if they need to.

What is the Power team located?

Being a collaborative attempt, Powerhouse stakeholders are spread across India and the UK. However, we are registered as a business in Mumbai, and the manufacturing partner is located in Bilimora, Gujarat.