We are often judged by our preferences or the choices we make.

More often than not, we make bad choices, run out of ideas, become too selfish and stubborn to understand the nature of what we’re doing and give in to society and their rants.

Who are these ‘Judgers’? The ones with accomplished certificates and awards, or the ones who have grown old in their fields of interest, to now claim they know it all, or the ones with thriving bank balances who rule the decision making because of their status.


Do you think so? No one has the right to claim they are genius, tests and certificate programs may look nice on your resume, but it doesn’t set the standards of choice.

Choice is subjective, choice is intuitive, and it’s personal.

At every waking hour, we are making choices; it’s the most happening thing of our lives. What to have for lunch, what to wear, what music to listen to? These are all choices we are unconsciously making and they’re impacting us in ways we don’t seem to understand or we choose not to.

You could be intelligent in your right, you could be creative and imaginative, and you could be a great singer and performer; but who sets these standards is the same ‘society’ for which we bow down and let go of many of our talents.

You don’t have to be the “Jack of all Trades”, but you needn’t be afraid to try. There will always be someone there for you on the other side.

Make one choice today, be the individual on the ‘other side’ for someone willing to take the leap. With 4 days to go until we wrap things up, support the PowerHouse initiative and apply now.




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