16th September, 2013, it was Rhea’s first interview with a renowned Multinational company in a business hub in Mumbai. She had always been fascinated with intricately designed architectural marvels, and today, she got to visit one, and it could be where she will be spending a majority of her day for a couple of years!

Rhea was excited and nervous at the same time, as she did a last minute prep with her friend in the taxi journey. Blown away when she entered, she felt like this was where she belonged and she was willing to give it her best shot to bag the job!PowerHouse- Close4

High rises and luxurious offices are not new to Mumbai, with such fast pace development, real estate is one of the few sectors to have seen a constant growth. However, it is the rural sector that requires attention, with millions homeless and the shortage only worsening.

PowerHouse, an initiative supported by Crisp Social Ventures – an Oxford Alumni Association based in Mumbai aims at developing sustainable homes for India’s rural poor. This collaborative mission has devised a solution which will empower communities along with meeting the shortage in this sector.

There are still some of us who are apprehensive towards change, but let’s make this known; PowerHouse is the constant, that will work towards revolutionizing livelihoods and empowering lives.

With only 10 days until the close of the registration, make sure to express your interest and support the initiative! 

Click here to register and participate www.power-house.in

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