“Bianca! Bianca! Come quick, dinner’s served”, cried Angela as she set the table. Bianca was in no hurry, as she had just helped herself to some delicious home- baked pie, which she was to share with the children as dessert.

Hiding away in a corner, smacking her lips, Angela found Bianca and knew she had been up to no good.

cat-323262_640She gently made her way towards Angela’s legs, purring and rubbing against her, in full cute cat mode. Who could show displeasure towards this adorable thing, now?

Animals, just like humans only long for someone to appreciate and care for them. Although we share the same genes, our mental traits and abilities are what distinguish us and we believe is reason for our superiority among the other communities.

What is unjustified is that we humans even find differences among one another- the main reason for rampant inequality around the world, as with India. Assets, monetary possessions, beauty, culture, language, religion, place of birth, etc. are all detrimental of your future.

It is not wise to be born to financially weak parents, who will withdraw you from schools, or who will have you take up the family profession at a tender age to supplement the income, or who will compromise on the portions of the food, for it to last one more day. But do we have a choice?

The journey to success involves the intelligent allocation of funds. Investing judiciously and cautiously, especially in projects of social relevance, like PowerHouse can contribute positively towards bridging the economic divide and providing equal opportunity for everyone.

We need not discriminate, instead learn to embrace our shortcomings and utilize our ‘humaniqueness’ in ways to empower communities and towards discovering breakthroughs.

It’s not only about survival of the fittest, man is an emotional being, driven by sensitivity and relationships. It is important to be compassionate towards others because it is through these connections that we establish in our lives that will build the bonds of friendship, tolerance and resilience to live another day.

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